Kid’s Teeth – Caring For Children’s Teeth


Kids Teeth – Caring for Children’s Teeth, is a smart phone application designed for busy parents on the go. With a range of tools to help track and motivate your child to look after their teeth and some helpful hints and tips, you can take the guesswork out of managing your children’s teeth.

Written by dental professionals to answer all of the most regularly asked questions regarding children’s dentistry, Kids Teeth – Caring for Children’s Teeth takes the confusion out of caring for you child’s teeth. With in-depth information for looking after your child’s teeth at each stage of development with confidence through to the tools that sets Kids Teeth – Caring for Children’s Teeth apart from the rest of the other apps on the market. With an easy navigation menu have the right information at the tip of you finger without having to  search through search engine results to find what your looking for.

The app contains a number or topics and features including an adjustable toothbrushing timer, a tooth dairy, a total reminder system to track brushing, flossing and a reminder to change your tooth brush. It covers all topics from dental eruption and development, to how to look after children’s teeth at different ages, a library of information on basic tooth concerns, how  to deal with habits such as thumb sucking, and how to manage differing dental emergencies.

Whether it be an adult tooth or baby tooth you’ll have the information to manage any situation. It even includes information to help you understand why teeth that have gone dark or teeth that appear yellow.

As a parent we want the best for our children and this includes a healthy smile. After all your children’s smile is precious, protect it by knowing how to look after it properly.

To grab your copy of Kid’s Teeth – Caring for Children’s Teeth click here.


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