For Professionals

As busy professionals we are looking for improved ways to help those we care for, especially  in times when we aren’t available to give advice and recommendations. What do you tell your patients/clients if your not from a dental background? Do you have a paediatric patients/clients you care for and think Kid’s Teeth – The App may be useful to help care for those precious smiles? Great News! Kid’s Teeth – The App is available for bulk purchase. This allows you to purchase the app in volume and distribute the app directly to your patients/clients using a redemption code.

The App is available to purchase in bulk for iOS through the following link please make sure you have your company D-U-N-S to enrol in the program.

And for Android the app is available to purchase in bulk directly from us. If you would like further information please contact us through the form below.

(Kid’s Teeth – Caring for Children’s Teeth is available for both smartphone platforms at $1.99 AUD per app)

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