So what’s in the App?

Kid’s Teeth – Caring for Children’s Teeth cover’s everything from Eruption and Development through-to Germs and Teeth Concerns. Have a complete understanding about how to care for little smiles and what to look out for along the way.

Professional Advice in the Palm of your Hand

“Kids Teeth – Caring for Children’s Teeth” is a smartphone app to answer all of those questions and then the ones you haven’t asked yet. Developed with the knowledge and experience of registered dental practitioners, take the worry and guess work out of caring for your children’s teeth. Know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and when you are going to need help. Have the confidence to care for your children’s teeth.

Tools and Tips

Not only is Kid’s Teeth – Caring for Children’s Teeth a reference app but it also includes a number of tools to help manage little smiles. Set brushing and flossing goals and track them using the Total Reminder System.

Use the Tooth Diary to record changes to report to your dentist, and of course no dental app is complete without a toothbrushing timer. Included are tips and information to mange thumb sucking, toothbrushing and changes in tooth colour. Everything you’ll need to monitor your child’s dental health is included.

What to do in a dental emergency

Kid’s teeth – Caring for Children’s Teeth also contains triage information for parents in case of dental emergencies. Have the information ready to go just in case your child bumps a tooth, chips a tooth or worst still knocks a tooth out. How you manage a dental emergency matters, having the information to guide you through a dental emergency makes sense. Kid’s Teeth – Caring for Children’s Teeth has the information your going to need to make the right decision should you experience a dental emergency.

If you want more information on where to get Kid’s Teeth – Caring for Children’s Teeth click here.

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